Day 2 of my yeast

Today Feb 4, 2015, I let my culture stay in a dark cool area which I decided to use my pantry.  As  instructed I checked to see if there were gas bubbles forming at the base of the bowl. I waited 24 hours before I checked my culture. Today I am instructed to take a picture with my culture. I also took a picture of the very tiny gas bubbles that are forming at the bottom of my glass bowl. Tomorrow Day 3,I will check to see if there are  more gas bubbles forming. ” The more Gas Bubbles the better”!

Me and My 24 hour Culture
Me again with my 24 hour culture
culture gas bubbles 1
24hr culture, you are able to see small very tiny gas bubbles in my culture
day 2 culture
More gas bubbles
culture with gas bubbles 3
A more lighter view of my 24 hr culture with small gas bubbles.



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