Day 4 of Yeast

Today Feb 6, 2015, I refreshed my yeast. Refreshing the yeast with flour and water allows the yeast to stay active.  The way I refreshed it is by taking the 4 day old yeast and pulling back the crust that formed on the top. By pulling off the crust it allowed  me to get to the bottom of the bowl to grab the fresher mature yeast instead of grabbing the crusted layer which won’t be as active. While pulling off the crust the smell of my yeast smelled very sour. It smelled a little more sour than the day before which is normal since it is a day older.   Steps include:

  • 1. Pull the crust that is forming on top off
  • 2. Scoop only 1teaspoon of the hydrated yeast at the bottom of the bowl( toss out the rest)
  • 3 . Add the 1teaspoon of yeast into a new small clear bowl
  • 4. Add 2 TBS of flour mix and pour Lukewarm water into the 4 day old yeast and stir with hands until you reach the consistency of cake or pancake batter
  • 5. Then store the newly mixed yeast in the same cool dark area that you been using before
  • more information on refreshing the dough).

day 4 yeast w spoon day 4 yeast i teaspoon of day 4 yeast day 4  yeat 1teaspoon in bowl day 4 yeast with added 2tbs flour mix day 4 yeast with added 2tbs of flour mix and lukewarm water


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