Day 5 of yeast

Today Feb 7, 2015  is day 5 of my yeast. The day before, I scrapped the crust off that was forming on top of my yeast  and transferred 1tsp of yeast to a new small clear bowl. After I transferred the 1tsp of the yeast I added 2tbs of flour and lukewarm water and mixed it until it reached the consistency of cake or pancake batter. When I looked at the yeast on day 5 I really didn’t see any bubbles forming, maybe very tiny small ones. So I decided to  proceed with the transfer of 1tsp  again and the flour mix to see if the the next day I will have more define gas bubbles. When I  continued to proceed I made the culture a little bit thicker to see if that will have an affect on the yeast. Because day 4 yeast consistency was a little thin where you can see the liquid separating from the culture. So I can’t wait to see how day 6 goes.

day 5 yeast
Day 5 yeast. This will go back into my pantry until day 6

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