Day 18 (3:00pm yeast)

I check my yeast at 3:00pm and I saw that the yeast is some what expanding. I notice that there are more gas bubbles and I compared my 2pm yeast picture with my 3pm picture and I notice a little  rise. On the side of the container.

day 18 yeast 2pm
2pm yeast
day 18 3pm
3pm yeast ( the yeast is a little higher than the 2pm yeast
day 18 3pm 2
3pm yeast( gas bubbles are still forming)

Day 18 ( hourly yeast check) 2:00pm

Today is my hourly check for my yeast. Every hour I will check to see if my yeast has expanded or is contracting or has double in size or collapsed. I start at 2pm because I had work earlier and since I am home I will  now check  hourly. Let’s see how that goes. I posted what my yeast looked like when I got home and I saw that there were small bubbles. I’m sure more bubbles will form as the time goes by. Hope see some expanding!

day 18 yeast 2pm
Yeast at 2pm
day 18 2pm
Yeast at 2pm

Day 17 of yeast

Feb 19, 2015, Today is day 17 and  my yeast is doing well and is very active. The day before I refreshed my yeast by doing the transferred method which shown on day 5. Tomorrow is day 18 and I am going to monitor my yeast hourly to see  if there are any changes. I am looking to see if my yeast is expanding or contracting or to see if it has doubled in size or collapsed. Let’s see how it goes

day 17 yeast
DAY 17 , very active gas bubbles

Day 15 of yeast

Feb 17, 2015, Today is the 15th  day and gas bubbles are still forming which is good. It means that my yeast is almost ready to be baked in my sourdough bread.  Each day that my yeast is feeding it is creating more gas bubbles .  Let’s see how tomorrow goes.  7 more day until I make my bread!

day 15 yeast
Day 15
day 15 yeast
Gas bubbles are forming

Day 14 of yeast

Feb 16, 2015, I checked my yeast and it looked very active again. So I did the transfer like I did on day 4 and 5 and made a new batch for tomorrow.  The new batch is a little bit thicker than the last batch because when I checked the yeast it was a little watery.  Let see how it goes tomorrow!

day 14 yeast 1
More gas bubbles are forming
day 14 yeast 2
Gas bubbles are forming.


Day 13 of yeast

Feb 15, 2015, Surprisingly there are gas bubbles forming. Usually when I do the transfer the next day the gas bubbles won’t form so I would normally let it feed for two days. But today I was very shocked, there were lots of bubbles with a thin crust on top which was awesome because that is what I want to see. This  shows that my yeast is becoming very active and  is almost ready to be bake in my sourdough bread. I also decided to change the location of my yeast to be store in. I am not sure if the new location is  causing the yeast to activate more. The location before,  a lot of my family members were going in out of the area causing the temperature to change all the time. So that could be the cause of the little gas bubbles forming.  So after seeing my yeast forming gas bubbles I did the transfer and made a new batch for tomorrow; Day 14. Hopefully I see more bubbles. Crossing my fingers!

day 13 yeast
Day 13 yeast , gas bubbles forming actively
day 13 yeast 2
Day 13 yeast again